Earth Care

Mount Vernon Unitarian Church has a long history of commitment to stewardship of our planet. This is so important that it is included in the UU Guiding Principles.

7th Principle:
Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence
of Which We Are a Part

MVUC Earth Paths

You can make a difference!

Climate Action Team

In January of 2019, our Social Justice Committee held a church-wide meeting to determine our focus for the year. The urgency of the climate crisis called us to
immediate and robust action.
The Church membership voted on a church-wide focus on climate change for the year.
The work continues- with numerous teams and projects- this is where you can join a vibrant community reversing global warming.

Green Sanctuary

In 2008, MVUC was designated by the Unitarian Universalist Association as a Green Sanctuary. This rigorous certification took five years to complete. Find out how green our gathering place is.

Dive into Climate Action

The MVUC Climate Action Team is organized on three key sources:

Project Drawdown: We are solutions oriented, and project Drawdown gives us 75 solutions to choose from

Active Hope: There has been so much lost, and the odds seem overwhelming – but there is path to channel despair to hope.

Environmental Justice: Our environmental work has been part of our Social Justice Mission- supporting justice and equity for all.

Get Involved Now

So many ways to learn and get involved!

Climate Action Digest: This bi-weekly email gathers the latest and greatest of climate action at MVUC, the community and the world. It is your gateway to Climate Action- sign up today!

Plant Rich Diet (PRD) Blog:
Reducing meat consumption is one of the most effective ways for individuals to reduce emissions. The PRD is our most active team with pot luck dinners, cooking classes, a blog with recipes and tips for vegetarian dining in Alexandria, VA.

Virtual Library of Things (VLT):
Church members and friends can share things they own with each other through our VLT portal. Consume less. Connect more!

Upcoming Events:
We are still gathering each month on Zoom and planning virtual gathering to discuss videos and projects.

Arts for Mother Earth (AME):
This vibrant Google Classroom has nature inspired art, activities for families and more creativity. Share your art or get inspired!

plant rich diet
Veggie Recipes
Upcoming Events
Virtual Library of Things
Arts for Mother Earth